Irago Nanohana Garden, Tahara City

“And I thought to myself, what a wonderful world.” This line of a famous song instantly registered in my mind right after I stepped into the garden.  You have to see the place to understand what I mean.  Irago Nanohana Garden is such a spectacle of beauty in early spring.


Irago Nanohana Graden is one big garden filled with rapeseed blossoms (nanohana).  It’s the widest flower field that I’ve ever been so far. The rapeseed plants grow as high as five feet. There’s an elevated ground in the middle that allows you to see the whole place.   If you stand in that area, you can see the vastness of the garden from left to right.  I’ve never seen so much yellow around me.  There are enough rapeseed blossoms as far as your eyes can see.


Irago Nanohana Garden is a perfect place to enjoy nature together with family, friends, and loved ones.  There are stalls near the gate entrance that offer different kinds of Japanese snacks, street food, and local souvenirs.  If you want to dress up your toddler, you can also rent a bumblebee outfit in one of the stalls.  I’ve seen parents who really enjoyed taking photographs of their cute kids in costume. The middle part of the garden also serves as a playground for kids where they can ­­do sand sledding. There are also specially decorated areas that are meant for taking souvenir pictures.  You can also pick rapeseed blossom from the garden to take home.  There’s a designated part where visitors can use scissors and just cut the flowers.


The garden is difficult to access using local transportation.  The first time I decided to go there, I wasn’t able to see the place because there was no shuttle bus on that particular day.  The local shuttle bus was only available on specific dates.  Actually, the shuttle bus that I rode became full at once, but going back, I was the only passenger.  Most of the visitors I saw were local tourists who used their own cars in going there.  It only takes ten minutes by bus from Irago-Misaki station.  While aboard the bus, I saw a big group of Japanese tourists who hiked from the station to the garden.  I thought it was too far to reach on foot.

Irago Nanohana Graden is definitely a must see in spring.  I wouldn’t have attempted to go there twice if I thought the place wasn’t worth it.  During my long trip there, the scenery brought glee to my tired face. The rapeseed blossoms in Irago Nanohana Garden are enough to make you anticipate the coming of spring.


Shuttle bus schedule from Irago Misaki bus stop (Crystal Port) to Irago Nanohana Garden

How To Go There:

From Toyohashi Station, go to bus stop #1 and ride the bus #2. (I suggest you go to the bus center first which is just near the bus stop #1.  You can save up a lot if you buy a roundtrip ticket.) Get off at the last station which is the Irago Misaki bus stop (I also refer to it as the Crystal Port area).  It takes more than an hour.   From there, ride a local shuttle bus to Irago Nanohana Garden. It only takes ten minutes to get there. Take note that the local shuttle bus only travels on specific dates, so make sure you visit the event website before traveling to Tahara City.  In case you wouldn’t be able to make it to the last bus trip home to Toyohashi Station, you can still ride a bus and get off at Tahara Station.  From Tahara Station, you can ride the train to Shin-Toyohashi Station.  From Shin-Toyohashi Station, you can walk for 3 to 5 minutes to Toyohashi Station.

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