I’m one of those very few people who dislike Kyoto. If it weren’t for this bamboo forest, I don’t think I’d ever go sightseeing in Kyoto again. It’s such a crowded place that it’s so hard to see and enjoy the scenery. So this time around, I made sure to go as early as possible. On the way to the bamboo forest, an old Japanese man had a chat with me. The moment we entered the place, I slowed down to take pictures but he kept telling me to keep moving because we hadn’t reached the best area, yet. I think he told me several times especially whenever he noticed me stopping. I was glad he did because I would have missed the best view if I just wandered alone.dscf4507dscf4534dscf4539dscf4541dscf4545dscf4554dscf4566dscf4571dscf4579dscf4590dscf4593dscf4640

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