Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan

I got a decent amount of money from my bag and stuffed it in my pocket.  I was paranoid to be walking alone near the road with hardly anyone in sight except for the small number of cars passing by.  It was blazing hot in midday on the north coast of Taiwan.  I was wearing a wide-brimmed tulip hat to protect my face from the sun’s heat, but it seemed not enough at all.  I kept reassuring myself that as long as it wouldn’t take me over twenty-five minutes to walk, I didn’t have to worry much.

I was supposed to get off at Yehliu bus stop, but I missed it.  I thought the bus announcement wasn’t loud enough.  I should have noticed that I was already at my destination when a group of elementary students with their teachers who are probably on a field trip got off to that stop.  I only figured it out when the bus passed the sign with the bus stop name.  I was sitting at the back so I didn’t really see it beforehand.  I got off at the next stop but it was quite a walk to Yehliu.

When I reached the area, I looked for signs that would direct me to Yehliu Geopark which is a famous destination in Northern Taiwan.  Then I just followed the only people walking who I deemed as tourists.  I passed by the port and saw many fishing boats.   Across the street, there were many restaurants with fresh seafood on display.  I could probably just pick what I wanted to eat and have it cooked to my liking.  It was tempting as it was already lunchtime.

I didn’t realize Yehliu Geopark was way further.  It was insanely hot.  I bought an entrance ticket when I arrived and then it was a few minutes walk again to see the geological formations.  I took my time admiring the unique rocks and began to notice tourists not following the rules in the area like not crossing the red line for one’s own safety.   I found it amusing how they would break the rules just to take pictures of themselves. I was so sweaty and I felt kind of dehydrated already, so I decided to leave the area with rock formations and headed on to a shade somewhere near the exit gate.  I even failed to see the famous Queen Nefertiti rock. There were many people lining up just to have a picture with it and I just couldn’t take the heat.

I checked my watch to see if I still had time to go to the nearest tourist destination near Yehliu.  I was actually pleased because it was still early in the afternoon. However, I felt like it would be a long ride home and I didn’t want to ride a crowded bus, so I decided to head back to the city.  It was such a tiring first full day outside Taipei.